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Last Wednesday we had a small meeting today for the first time after launching Kickstarter. While making plans for next round of shooting, we shared again what the film means for each of us. They're all a bit different.

The visions kept adjusting, and calm as we seem, finally making it public made us(or just me?) really really nervous. None of us has ever been this public, and suddenly we must be responsible of all the little ideas behind the project.

Design thinking is a really interesting idea to share, especially when we are bringing a cross-cultural perspective.

To many of us here, design thinking is already in the "grow up and move on" phase. But not so to those in different times and regions. Is our Chinese society again being receptive of a western thought movement? Or could the reaction be something that evolves the orignal ideas?

If you could control it, would you rather have the recent design thinking topic never appeared?
If you could cut in, what would you want to say to the people new to design thinking?

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