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Meeting Muris Media was a wonderful surprise. What this talented two-person team bring to others is not just their expertise in filmmaking. They seem to bring the idea of "film" so much closer and tangible to whomever they meet. That is precisely why a film like this was possible......

Muris Media, 2-man company of Muming and Iris, has always been interested in design, and after working with us for a certain project, they were intrigued by the concept of design thinking. They simply said, why not make a film about this subject?

Having been in the design industry from the beginning, we weren't quite aware that this could be a topic of interest in a media like film/movies. Having seen the emergence of "design thinking," we weren't quite aware this is a new concept in many other places.

Part by chance, part by will, it started happening.

Since March, we are constantly thinking about what kind of story this film should be talking about. It is about design, which used to mean "fashion" for a few decades. It is about design thinking, and the debate that surrounds it. But how it connects to a whole larger audience is that, it is documenting a time when we are searching new ways of thinking, different way of doing things, and we are really finding new values. Which in all are actually not new; they are just making a comeback.

Shooting in the office with Muris Media :P Work is fun!