Filming in New York

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Shooting took off in New York. It was an intense trip with so many great people to talk with...... the crew worked their a** off and brought back spectacular results.... how many TBs was the entire footage? And almost everyone got a cold. I wasn't there to join on the action :/ It's amazing. We are really making a movie!

↓ Muris Media's toolkit for NY filming

六十歲的年輕創業家George Bylerian

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Interviewing Bill Moggridge

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It's been a while since I last met Bill. He was one of the first advocate and practitioner of design thinking, a calm, thoughtful character.

He talked about the past 20 years he spent in Silicon Valley, facing endless changes ever day and was challenged to response and make decisions quickly. That was the time he and his comrades founded what would then be IDEO, and carried the spirit and philosophy to the Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum.

Bill is one of those considerate bosses who made his own office into a coffee break lounge for employees. He prefers to move around the building and work with everyone.

Marianne, Bill's secretary, gave us all the warmth in that rainy, gloomy, pouring day. She kept offering us hot tea and snacks as well as lunch from the cafe downstairs, so that we would have the energy to carry on the shooting. Thank you Marianne!