It takes a lot to work out a title

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Making up a movie title is Not Easy! To be relevant and interesting at the same time... That's why we got back to the simple and direct option: Design & Thinking. Leaves enough space for some interpretation.

A former title we used for a long time (within team) was Think Like a Designer. Is that better?

We've only really thought of 2~3 titles to choose from. See how that's not our strength!
Takes cans and cans of Costco chocolate peanuts to decide.


Interview with Roger Martin

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This Monday, Yang and I went to a panel hosted by Roger Martin from Rotman School of Management. It was a panel joined by Udaya Patnaik of Jump Associates, Diego Rodriguez from Stanford d.school, and former IDEO Gentry Underwood of Orchestra. Also on the panel was Hilary Austen of Rotman, whose book "Artistry Unleashed" everyone received that night.

The term design thinking did not come up very often, but I think the ideas are basically the same thing. The audience was mostly from business disciplines that night -- sprinkled with some designers and artists (by broad definition) that inspired Hilary so much to write the book.

We were able to schedule a short interview with Martin himself, a very generous early morning hour in Palo Alto.

Roger Martin is famous for bringing design thinking in to business school -- which means business and business education.

Because of his tight schedule, we did shooting in the hotel. Finding a quiet corner was not easy!

The interview was a success, rich ideas and interesting discussions -- besides the bangs coming from hotel staff's morning duties! But they were very nice to accommodate our needs.

A documentary couldn't be done without the help of everyone surrounding you!


Getting ready to release trailer

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It's been a week since Muris Media produced the first version of the trailer. Yang and I have been trying to give input on the content, but only seem to mess up the originally well-cut video clip. Well, at least that means we're trying to go somewhere by communicating and adjusting. The big boss advised to let it sit for a few days. The assignment is to read the book, Aesthetics Economy or 美學CEO, just published in Taiwan last year.

We've always enjoyed meeting in our office and the efficiency of brainstorming together. After two Skype conference we're enjoying the efficiency as well.