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What's to excite things after 4th of July long weekend?
The launch of the movie you've been waiting for someone to make!!!

Well, we're not exactly in theaters (yet), but we DID just launch our trailer and Kickstarter campaign!! Woooo!! 3 months ago I couldn't even imagine launching a project on Kickstarter!

Watch the trailer anyway!!

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  1. I'm always excited to see movies about design, just for the sake of design addiction (thinking, eating, working, living design).

    But I wonder what is the objective of this movie. Is it to go beyond the design community and reach prospect industries/clients who can benefit from design (and thinking)? Or is it to be seen by other designers (who already know about design thinking)?

    To me, the move feels déjà vu, like if it was Objectified 2.0, interviewing the same well-known, famous personalities we've seen a million times speaking in public events or interviewed in diverse media.

    I would rather like to see a different (more disruptive) approach, fueled by perspectives from unsung personalities, from different places and cultures. People that are innovating and taking design into new venues or transforming the way it's done, people we haven't heard of or we know little about. That would be refreshing and not so redundant, in my opinion.

    I'll still watch the film when it comes out, but again, it would be nice to see some new faces, new thoughts, new perspectives

  2. You've got some really good points. I believe we are really reaching out to non-design communities, but at the same time, it's also the only film telling the changing of "design," in this case it would be speaking to design communities as well.
    And we indeed are inspired by Objectified -- and on our way trying to make our own statements in our own styles. You'd be surprised who else would be "featured" in our film!
    Thanks for your comments, I agree with many of them - appreciate you sharing your thoughts.

  3. One of the most common comments we've had is the fact that the film "feels" like Objectified 2.5; which I think is a totally legit concern. In fact I would like to shout out to Gary who made "Objectified," if among making his next film on design catches glimpse of our little film "Design & Thinking", that would be an honor. I think a lot of us design minded filmmakers were inspired by him, and the fact that design can be presented on the medium of film, is something that propelled us to make our own film on design.

    That said, one of the critiques on Objectified was that it stays on the surface value of design, which is design should be beautiful, design is an aesthetic and further alienates the public who might think that design is exclusive to a selected people who are cooler than the most of us.

    What we'd like to explore in this film is the fact that design can be very accessible. I hesitate to give a tagline like "everybody can be a designer;" but through understanding the concept of design thinking we can implicate design in business and daily lives; even if your job has nothing to do with aesthetics or you aren't a designer.

    I have to say that from a production standpoint that has also been a challenge for us; and severing design & aesthetics is a hard thing to do. For the most part of our shooting in NY, it was mostly about the big guys who are leaders in the design industry; but in the west coast which we are starting to shoot this week we'll focus more on the unsung heros who live and breath design thinking without even knowing. Keep in mind that the current trailer was cut with only the NY portion of what we shot ; I believe that the final film will be drastically different!